Vice-President and Production Manager David McIntosh shepherds projects through the entire creative process, from concept to delivery.

David McIntosh

Vice-President & Production Manager

David is proof that creativity isn’t confined to the creative department. His expertise is transforming creative ideas into “ink on paper.” David’s attention to detail and project management skills enable us to keep assignments on track and on deadline. A Texas native and graduate of Virginia Tech and Virginia Commonwealth University with degrees in biology and graphic design, he has worked with such clients as SunTrust, The Hill School, The Richmond Forum and W.L. Stinson. David also serves as Vice-President of the Richmond chapter of AIGA, the professional association of design. He is our thought leader on the latest innovations in the print and design industry.

cSs Tales: David has the uncanny ability to remember actor’s names and is a pop culture aficionado. Our advice, don’t challenge him to the Genius Edition of Trivial Pursuit.