Partner and Chief Creative Officer Michelle Davis is our lead designer and heads our team of designers.

Michelle Davis

Chief Creative Officer

If you could dissect Michelle’s brain you would find something amazing: the left side of an empathetic doctor and the right side of a talented designer. An Echols Scholar at the University of Virginia, Michelle was on the pre-med track and immersed in neurosurgery research. But something was missing. Creativity.

After graduating from UVa, Michelle pursued a second degree in Graphic Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. What evolved was something remarkable; she found a way to use both sides of her brain simultaneously. This rare combination of creativity with analytical problem solving truly benefits our clients. Michelle is our lead designer and co-creative director and has created award-winning work for such clients as RiverFront Investment Group, Worth Higgins & Associates and Norfolk Academy.

cSs Tales: Michelle placates her medical side by volunteering for Children’s Hospital in Richmond.