7 Quick and Easy Tips to Improve Your Company’s Twitter Presence

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Now that your company’s Twitter profile accurately reflects your brand and makes a great impression, it’s important to focus on engagement and growing your following. So we’ve created a list of 7 quick and easy tips to help improve your company’s Twitter presence.

7 Quick and Easy Tips to Improve Your Company’s Twitter Presence

1. Tweet regularly

Staying active gives value to your followers and keeps you at the top of their minds. Tweeting daily is important, but tweeting several times throughout the day, week and weekend is even better. The more you share quality content and information, the more followers you will attract.

2. Tweet in real-time

Twitter is known for being the first to get you breaking news and having live tweets from events. Be recent and relevant. Download the Twitter app on your smartphone in order to be able to tweet in real time.  For example, most business conferences and events will provide a hashtag for attendees to use so they can tweet live at the event.

3. Be authentic

You don’t need to be overly formal on Twitter. People want to hear your brand’s voice and see your personality come through your tweets. But always consider your audience beforehand. If you are a law firm, your tweets should probably be more formal and professional than, say, an ice cream shop.

4. Engage others in conversation

Twitter is about having conversations with your followers to further show your brand’s personality. Use @mentions to bring others into the conversation. This will help with engagement and RTs! Also, use hashtags to put your tweets in front of a specific audience and join a conversation that might be taking place outside your immediate circles. By using hashtags, you increase your likelihood of getting retweeted by as much as 100%.

5. Share valuable information and build credibility

Develop a reputation as a trusted source of information or as being seen as an expert in the industry. Read articles about new trends or updates in your industry and share them on Twitter. By showing that you are up-to-date with industry news, you will be seen as an expert.

6. Listen and respond to your followers

Monitor your comments and mentions and respond timely and accordingly. For example, if someone has a question, be sure to answer it! It looks better for your brand and helps with customer service. Be sure to also reply to people when they tweet about you. This could be simply saying “thank you” for retweets, or favoriting a tweet with a positive message about your brand.

7. Measure your Twitter success

There are many free Twitter measurement services out there that will help give you an idea of how well your Twitter account is doing. Twitter counter keeps track of your followers over time and provides some basic Twitter statistics. Klout measures how influential your brand is online by using data from your social media accounts. RetweetLab.com is a new and free tool from HubSpot that lets you analyze your Twitter account (as well as a competitor’s account) to discover the data you need to get more retweets.

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Twitter is great social media channel to really show off your brand’s personality, while also validating your company as an industry expert and a valuable source of information. Branding your company’s profile and following these 7 quick and easy tips will help improve your company’s presence on Twitter.

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