Are You Winning at Pinning? Find Out Using Pinterest Analytics

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Since Pinterest first started, businesses could only determine success based on number of followers and repins. But now, business users can track user engagement and other metrics thanks to the recently introduced Pinterest analytics tool.

Using Pinterest Analytics

While Pinterest Analytics is a basic tool, it can be very useful in seeing which pins get the most activity and helping you determine what to pin in the future.

Getting Started

In order to start tracking your Pinterest account, you must convert your account to a business profile, switch to the new look and verify your website.

Convert to a Business Account – Click on your Pinterest name in the top right and go to “About.” Click on “Business” in the top navigation bar. You can then “Join as a Business” and Pinterest will automatically convert your profile to a business profile, while saving all of your pins and boards.

Verify Your Website – There are two ways to do this: use HTML code or use a meta tag. You will need to be able to access the back end of your website, or talk to your web developer. Follow these steps to verify your website.

Once you verify your website, your analytics will begin tracking. Unfortunately, though, Pinterest can’t retrieve data from before the verification date. After you set up your new Pinterest profile, you can reach your analytics page by clicking on “Analytics” in the user menu dropdown in the top right.

Choose a Date Range

Pinterest defaults to showing you the past 14 days of analytics, but you can set the date range to be anything you want. There are also 3 quick select options: 7, 14 or 30 days.

Site Metrics Graphs

The analytics page contains four graphs that all have the same format. In each box you will see a daily average of each metric on the left and then the graph of actual daily stats.

Pins & Pinners Graph- shows the total number of pins from your website and how many unique people (Pinners) pinned something from your website to a Pinterest board.

Repins & Repinners – shows how many times pins from your website have been repined and how many people made those repins. *Note- repins is not a measure of how many times your pins have been repinned, only ones from your website.

Impressions & Reach – shows how many people are seeing your pins. Impressions shows the daily number of times your pins appeared on Pinterest in the main feed, search results or on boards.  Reach shows the daily average number of people that saw your pins.

Clicks and Visitors – this shows the number of clicks or visitors that went to your website from Pinterest. If you track Pinterest on Google Analytics, then you may already have some of this data.

Most Recent, Most Repinned, Most Clicked

The other 3 tabs in the analytics tool are essentially self-explanatory.

“Most Recent” shows the most recent pins from your website. You cannot select a date range for this tab because it is a live feed of things being pinned from your site.

“Most Repinned” shows the top 100 repinned pins in the date range you select. The only downfall with the new Pinterest look is that it does not show how many times the pin was repined anymore, which is a little inconvenient in trying to see which pin is the most popular.

“Most Clicked” shows the pins that drive the most traffic to your website.

Start Pinning!

Now that you know how to set up your Pinterest business profile and verified your website, you are ready to begin pinning. If you looking for some helpful tools, Pingraphy is a great tool to help you schedule pins. Pinning consistently through the day helps to increase reach.

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Pinterest is a great social media channel to showcase your company’s work and reach an active audience, but only if it is right for your company. So before jumping in, first make sure that Pinterest is right for marketing your business. Then, once you understand the analytics, you can begin winning at pinning.

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