A Look Back At Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

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As we wrap up another year, we turn our attention to the most popular posts published on our blog in 2016. These posts are indicative of our blog’s mission to be the go-to resource for marketing best practices and information for both clients and prospects.

1. How to Overcome the Top 3 A/E/C Content Marketing Challenges

Content marketing continues to grow in prominence among A/E/C firms as a marketing strategy for reaching and engaging both prospects and clients. But while content marketing is a fairly simple concept, it can prove to be very difficult to execute.

As a speaker, I’ve heard from A/E/C marketers across the country about the challenges they face implementing content marketing for their firms. Here’s a look at those specific A/E/C content marketing challenges and how marketers can overcome them.

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2. 7 B2B Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

As we approach the end of 2016, it’s time to take a look at B2B marketing trends that will emerge in the coming year. Continuing a pattern from previous years, 2017 will see the ongoing evolution of many B2B marketing trends and some new concepts will become more mainstream.

So what trends will have the biggest impact? Here’s a list of seven B2B marketing trends to watch in 2017.

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3. What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is one of the latest terms picking up steam in the B2B marketing community. While not an entirely new concept, ABM is both a complimentary and more targeted strategy than traditional demand generation.

ABM—when executed properly—is effective at helping firms create and sustain growth and profitability with both new and existing clients. Research from ITSMA found that over 80% of marketers who measure ROI say that ABM initiatives outperform other marketing investments.

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4. 11 Tips to Jump Start Your B2B Email Marketing Campaigns

Email is still the fastest and most direct way to deliver content to clients and prospects. Of all the channels available to marketers, email is the one channel your audience accesses regularly. Nevertheless, challenges remain and many firms’ email campaigns could use some new life.

Whether it’s low open rates, high unsubscribes, less than stellar clickthrough rates, poor deliverability, or campaign fatigue, common issues are persistent among B2B firms. Here are 11 tips to breathe some new life into your B2B firm’s email marketing campaigns.

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5. You’ve Got Marketing Automation Software, Now What?

The last few years have seen an enormous increase in the adoption of marketing automation software across a variety of industries. Whether Act-On, Hubspot, Marketo or any one of growing number of platforms, firms are investing in the software hailed as a “must-have” in today’s digital-centric marketing ecosystem

But while there is virtually limitless potential for what marketers can do with marketing automation (as the slick and persuasive sales demonstrations showed), achieving success and generating a return on the investment can be a bigger task than many realize.

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6. 7 Crucial Elements of a Strategic Brand Refresh

Your brand is more than just your logo and color palette, so a brand refresh should be more than an exercise in graphic design. Branding is the process of defining, conveying and maintaining your firm’s core value and differentiators. It’s about figuring out who you are, what you stand for, why your clients should care and then conveying in a meaningful and consistent way.

Great brands aren’t built without effort and intentionality. So if your firm has decided that the time has come to update your brand, it needs to be done with a strategic approach. Here are seven crucial elements that should be included in your firm’s brand refresh process.

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7. 9 Things to Look For When Hiring a Web Design & Development Agency

A website redesign is an extremely important initiative that requires a large investment of your firm’s time, money and resources—and should be approached strategically. Choosing a web agency for your firm to partner with on a website redesign is a critical decision; one that shouldn’t be made without the proper considerations.

Here are 9 things to look for and consider when hiring a web design and development agency.

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8. Customer Experience Matters for B2B Businesses

Modern B2B buyers have more options at their disposal than ever before thanks to the internet. Rather than relying on a solutions-provider for information, they are empowered to research options and narrow the possibilities before they ever engage with a company. Once they do, their expectations for service are high. In this new climate, customer experience has emerged as a key differentiator for forward-looking companies. According to an Accenture study of B2B executives, 74% of respondents see customer experience (CX) playing a larger part in corporate strategy over the next two years.

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9. Visual Design is Just the Tip of the Iceberg in Web Development

While the visual design and aesthetic of a website is often noticed first, there are a lot of equally important factors working behind the scene that ultimately play a role in the “success” of a firm’s website.

Beautiful, differentiating design—while essential—is only one of many essential components of a high-performing website. And while the design of a website can often receive the most energy and emphasis from clients during the development process, it’s important to view the website through a holistic lens.

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10. 5 B2B Tradeshow Booth Design Considerations for Maximum Impact

A critical component of a winning B2B tradeshow marketing strategy is a well-designed, well-planned, impactful booth. In a crowded exhibition hall, your booth will either be your firm’s greatest asset or perhaps your greatest liability.

Exhibiting comes at a premium, so it’s important to make the most of your space, regardless of how big or how small it is. Here are 5 considerations for maximizing the impact of your tradeshow booth.

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