A Marketer’s Guide to Website Redesign for Maximum Impact

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This 55-page eBook will help you learn how to plan your firm’s website redesign for maximum impact and measurable results.

Your firm’s website is the hub of your marketing efforts and your most valuable marketing asset. It plays a critical role in your company’s online marketing strategy and should attract visitors, generate leads and drive growth. But that’s not going to happen by accident and more than just cutting-edge code is required.

So what does it take to plan and execute an effective website redesign that is focused on getting results?

This 55-page eBook will help you understand the important considerations and steps to take to redesign a marketing-focused website designed for lead generation and maximum impact.

You will learn:

  • Why your company’s website is more critical than ever
  • If a website redesign is necessary
  • Steps for planning a successful redesign
  • Keys to designing for impact and conversion
  • How to develop a solid web content strategy
  • Fundamentals for optimizing your website for search
  • Ways to establish metrics to measure success


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