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B2B Marketing Agency Facts

You have to think differently about your brand when your customers also have customers.

The business-to-business world brings unique challenges that require unique solutions.


While today’s digitally-driven world is producing more savvy B2B buyers, business-to-business marketing remains a highly specialized (and often misunderstood) field. At circle S studio, we’ve spent years helping businesses speak to other businesses in ways they’ll want to listen. Our highly experienced team understands the extended sales process that can accompany B2B sales. We have in-depth knowledge of the multiple influencers and we’re well-versed in how to best deliver the complex information they seek. At circle S studio, we believe in the power of strong brands, compelling thought leadership and solid relationships.

Pathwise Partners

Website Design and Development

Honestly, this is the best coaching website I’ve seen yet.  This is a particularly strong compliment, because I looked at TONS of them to get ideas for mine.

Colleague of Nancy Eberhardt, CEO of Pathwise Partners


Branding, Discovery & Strategy

The team at circle S studio is top notch and talented. They have become a valued partner and resource in assisting us with strategic planning and branding. They are outstanding to work with.

Hunter Lansing, President, Lansing Building Products


Branding, Experiential, Strategy, Video, Website Design and Development

When this IBM Premier Partner shifted its strategic business direction, they came back to circle S for a refresh of the brand we originally created in 2007. To reflect their expanded service offering beyond document management, the name was shortened from Document Access Systems to DAS, which is also how they are commonly referred to in the market. The color palette was expanded for the web and updated messaging was incorporated.

Worth Higgins


With a commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail that is akin to our own, Worth Higgins and circle S are natural partners. Leveraging our long-standing relationship and knowledge of their quality, we created a brand that leverages an element of the name, Worth, and focuses on the many ways the company goes "beyond ink on paper." As they have continuously invested in new technologies, we have developed unique sales materials to generate interest and create opportunities for the business development team to engage with customers. Marketing a new wide-format press that wouldn’t be installed for six months presented a unique challenge. To generate interest, we created a teaser booklet that featured beautiful panoramic photography of Richmond landmarks from which recipients could receive a complimentary poster printed on the new wide press. Delivering the finished posters gave the sales team another customer touchpoint.

Competition in every market sector is increasing.

As a result, it’s never been more important to have a brand that looks, feels, and sounds different from everyone else. As B2B companies grow, they often find they have multiple divisions with identities that can range from subtle variations to vastly different versions. This can create confusion in the marketplace and within the company. Does your brand look and feel fresh and unique compared to your competitors? Does it create a common rallying point for your team or does it unintentionally support a siloed culture? At circle S studio, we work with our clients to refresh their brand identities and rationalize their brand architecture in a way that creates a compelling story for the market, supports their strategic goals, and unites their team.

We work with our clients to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time.

Whether you’re marketing industrial products, consulting services, or technology solutions, it’s all about the connection. That personal connection with the buyer is going to do more than help deliver a powerful message. It’s also going to help arm your sales team with the tools they need to build and support relationships with your clients.

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