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Lesson one: your brand should never stop learning.

These are challenging times for marketers in education.


Growing enrollment in the face of shifting demographic trends. Appealing to new constituencies. Making an impression in an increasingly crowded field. And building connections and raising engagement among alums. Are you building trust and creating a compelling vision of what is truly unique about your school? As big believers in the power of lifelong learning, circle S studio is a natural fit for helping independent schools and private colleges find their voice and convey their unique perspective. Leveraging our own experience as parents, students, adjunct professors, volunteers, and education board members, we have personally and professionally experienced all aspects of the process, from initial recruitment to achieving alum status.

The New Community School

Branding, Design, Video, Website Design and Development

circle S took the time to understand the unique mission, culture, and values of The New Community School and crafted a website and messages that truly helped us tell our story. They were partners every step of the way.

Nancy Foy, Head of School, The New Community School

Norfolk Academy


In a highly competitive environment, Norfolk Academy needed an organized system to help them effectively recruit students. Inspired by a vintage letterman’s jacket, we created an admissions book, course catalog and summer programs book along with advertising, stationery package and other admissions materials.

Episcopal High School

Branding, Design

As part of their strategic plan, Episcopal High School sought to refresh their messaging to reflect their unique all-boarding community and close proximity to Washington, D.C. We created a new tagline and messaging platform as well as a custom-illustrated map to be used on their website and in admission materials.

The Hill School


The Hill School is a “family boarding school” that values traditions, formality and history balanced by a close-knit family atmosphere. For almost twenty years, circle S helped Hill connect with various constituencies through the traditional medium of print, including the alumni magazine Hill Ties, Annual Fund campaigns and newsletters.

We do our homework.

Having walked in the hallways of academia ourselves, we have been able to help schools uncover their unique offerings in a compelling way. After all, there’s much more to your school than bright eager faces and classrooms. We look deeper at what truly makes your institution unique. We tell stories. We give your audience a reason to care as we convey key differentiators and paint a picture that resonates with critical stakeholders. Over the years we’ve successfully created brands that both fit in with an institution’s authentic core principles and stand out from its competitors.

Your brand is more than admission brochures and a website.

Your brand is everything you do and say. Your brand, in essence, is your reputation. A strong brand lives beyond your admissions materials. It lives everywhere from parent communications to athletics to campus signage. Ensuring consistency across every touchpoint builds your brand and creates a stronger connection with your audience. Bringing fresh eyes to your institution can uncover opportunities to build your brand. At circle S studio, we bring a combination of new perspectives and deep expertise to bring your brand to life. It’s how we’ve helped independent schools and private colleges go from average to head-of-the-class.

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