Financial Services

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Financial Services Marketing Agency Facts

Your brand is required to be compliant, not dull.

Sometimes a financial brand can seem by-the-numbers.


By focusing on what they can’t say, many brands become mired in playing it safe. Using our extensive financial services experience, we create unique brands that are memorable, engaging, and unexpected. As a valued partner at the table, we’ve helped our financial services clients build their messaging and bring simplicity to seemingly complex topics. We can effectively communicate your message, whether you’re focused on attracting new commercial banking customers, launching a new investment product or fund, recruiting financial advisors, or promoting a brokerage clearing platform.

Prospera Financial Services

Branding, Design, Video, Website Design and Development

One of the reasons I started working with circle S is their understanding of the financial industry—they understand what we mean by transition, what an ACAT is, that there are regulatory rules that we have to follow when it comes to marketing.

Tarah Carlow, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Advisor Loyalty, Prospera Financial Services

Piascik & Associates


We probably had $100,000 revenue at the time and we sunk everything into our brand. And now we are a multimillion dollar firm. The brand has allowed us to grow. Absolutely allowed us to grow.

Steve Piascik, CPA, MT, President & Founder, Piascik & Associates


Website Design and Development

circle S was engaged to create a new website for this leading private equity firm. We conducted in-depth interviews with team members located across their global footprint to ensure the site would be address the needs of clients and prospective clients in multiple markets. A multi-layered visual system brought interest to the brand by combining a unique watercolor treatment, abstract water and nautical imagery and custom infographics. The final site showcases the impressive team of professionals and the company’s thought leadership content.

Apple REIT

Branding, Design, Web Design

Since 2005, we have worked with the Apple REIT Companies to produce their quarterly and annual reports for the various real estate investment trust companies held within the parent company. We have worked to create a consistent, yet fresh look for investor communications, event materials and stationery. Additionally, we have recently designed two new websites that incorporate mobile-responsive design and a modernized CMS to provide greater flexibility to the communications team in making updates.

R.D. Olson Development

Website Design and Development

This California-based developer of hotel properties came to us by referral from one of our long-term clients—the best type of recognition in our opinion. As the company sought to grow its asset management business and attract a new group of investors, it was clear they needed to replace a dated website that was prone to crashing. R.D. Olson views development as a creative process and wanted a partner that would take the same approach to their new digital presence. Stunning photography of their properties showcases their attention to detail and quality design, while a redesigned investor portal organizes important information in a password-protected environment.

We speak your language.

Not just fluently, but compliantly. To work in the financial industry requires a deep knowledge of compliance, regulations, and the process. Our team has decades of meaningful financial industry experience. We understand the asterisk. Disclosures, disclaimers, and compliant language are in our DNA. In fact, members of our team have sat on your side of the table as bank and brokerage firm marketers, giving us a unique perspective of the challenges you face.

You can’t just deliver the information anymore.

It’s not the same world it was just a few short years ago. Technology is disrupting the financial services industry like never before. As a marketer you’re facing competition from across the street, across the country, across the world, and across the web. How can you appeal to diverse generations and geographies? The answer is connection. People need a reason to care. They don’t simply need the what. They need the why. Establishing this emotional connection first allows you to deliver more detailed and complex information in a way that truly touches your audience. And using our wealth of industry experience and knowledge, we can do exactly that.

Want to make some real change?

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