Many Strengths. One Bond.


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We Get You

What happens when our decades of collective experience are put to work for a century-old construction company?

It all starts with asking the right questions. We immersed ourselves in the BOND culture and spent a lot of time at their office in the Boston area. The folks at BOND believed in the power of qualitative research and gave us full access to key members of their team. They told us all about who they are and where they want to go. And on one of our visits to their office, during the greatest Boston snow storm on record, we also learned a great deal about true northern hospitality.

The more we talked with them, the more evident their many strengths became. Various customer and employee interviews and research confirmed the innumerable ways that BOND excels. Our team worked through the data, actively seeking insights and crafting key messaging. Following this time of discovery and strategy development, we created a new brand platform which incorporated the company’s values, breadth of services, and the family history: “Many Strengths. One BOND.”

BOND branding: color pallette

We Guide You

So BOND had a new messaging platform. What next?

At the core of all we do is collaboration, both internally and externally. We worked side-by-side with BOND to flesh out their new messaging and branding. We provided a content marketing plan and a social media plan to help BOND develop and maintain thought leadership in the A/E/C industry. This micro-targeting was the ideal balance to the wide-reaching, comprehensive custom website we created, which also featured an original branding video. From the very beginning, circle S studio and BOND made a commitment to do everything possible to ensure the new messaging and website would meet its fullest potential. Regular check-ins and discussions did more than allow us to remain on schedule and avoid any surprises. BOND and circle S studio developed a bond of our own. This partnership allowed both companies to leverage their respective strengths and bring together the many diverse elements needed to complete the project. Collaboration at its very finest.

Web Design & Development

  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Wordpress CMS
  • Extensive cross navigation between markets and services to showcase capabilities
  • Interactive history timeline
  • Job postings and resume submission
  • Enhanced, sortable project portfolio
  • Integrated blog
  • Marketing automation integration
BOND A/E/C website homepage
BOND A/E/C website history page
BOND A/E/C website people page

Many voices, one video.

Our message of “Many Strengths, One BOND” was made abundantly clear in this brand video we created. Rather than limit our video to a single spokesperson, we created a seamless video using over 20 actual BOND employees, each in a different location, talking about their many strengths and one BOND.


We Grow You

When the work is smart and the collaboration is strong, what can happen?

At circle S studio, we don’t create work for its own sake. The work has to be successful. That success could be claimed through the overwhelming positive reactions from BOND’s clients, business partners, and employees. But even more satisfying are the measurable results BOND was able to achieve. Within just three months of the website launch, web traffic, mobile traffic, and social media engagement had all shown significant increases. The impact of Act-On marketing automation was also noticed—for example, one email campaign brought 25 new prospects to a single trade show event. BOND has also been recognized by its peers as both a Boston Finalist and a national finalist in the 2016 SMPS Marketing Communication Awards. BOND has fully embraced their new messaging and are constantly looking for more ways to build upon this solid foundation.

143% increase in mobile traffic over previous year in first three months after alunch. 67% increase in web traffic over previous year within first three months after launch. 28% increase in sicial media engagement.

“When I look back on the entire process, what strikes me as the key to success was the high level thinking and top down approach to getting this site to properly reflect the organization we have become... it’s very powerful and truly presents the strengths of our proud organization.”

Bob Murray President, BOND