Hourigan Construction

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We Get You

How do you create a brand foundation that can support multiple stories of success?

Over a decade ago, we began working with this Richmond-based construction management firm. At a time when the average agency tenure is three years, we don’t take a relationship of this longevity for granted. However, we measure the success of this relationship by more than length — the depth of engagement that we’ve attained over the years has led to some impressive results.

From the beginning, qualitative research with clients and prospects has produced significant insights to power the brand. Periodic check-ins over the years have uncovered new opportunities and guided the evolution of our strategies.  Our skill at bringing right-brain emotion to a left-brain industry has resulted in a timeless brand with a soul. As the company has grown, the tag line, “Building success. One story at a time.” continues to authentically represent the Hourigan brand and resonate with their audiences.

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We Guide You

How can one plus one equal one?

Early on, we recognized in Hourigan a kindred entrepreneurial spirit, relationship bias, and drive to deliver at a higher level. This foundation of shared values has earned us a seat at the table. In fact, our two companies have truly become one team — we are fully integrated into Hourigan as an extension of their marketing group.

Starting with an annual strategic session, we construct a custom marketing plan to build on successes and empower the business development team. As Hourigan’s strategic and collaborative partner, we keep an eye on changes in the industry and guide the company to adopt new strategies and tactics when the time is right. This was the case with content marketing. Leveraging a well-defined plan, we advise on topics, support content creation and manage the publishing schedule and channels. This strategic, measured approach has elevated Hourigan to a position of true thought leadership. Additionally, videos and microsites for their construction projects focus on the stories of success the company is building for their clients. When the company relocated its headquarters from the suburbs to the heart of Richmond’s downtown, we helped infuse their brand into the new office space to support their team building and recruiting goals.

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A/E/C project microsites
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Mark Hourigan, President of Hourigan Construction, on partnering with circle S studio

"What I would tell anybody considering circle S, especially in the A/E/C world, is they understand that world. They know what drives that world. And they’re also very aware of deadlines, commitments, and budgets. Getting things done and putting an action plan in place that actually brings those solutions to the table."


We Grow You

What happens when a building has endless stories?

The length and depth of our relationship with Hourigan has led to the most important measurement — impressive growth. In the 11+ years since our first engagement, we’ve helped them build their own story of success. And it’s one filled with superlatives: a larger footprint, more associates and office space, bigger projects, taller buildings. It’s a story that continues to be written with new chapters of success being added continuously. Stay tuned.