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We Get You

What can you learn by studying a school?

Despite having so much to offer as a terrific JK-12 private school, The Steward School, located in a market dominated by large legacy schools, was mired in old perceptions. Our in-depth discussions with school staff members, parents, and board members revealed common themes and beliefs that led to our branding strategy. It was time for Steward to stop playing the same game as their competitors, and instead focus on what they do and how it makes them different. The Steward School is able to uncover what’s best for each individual student and teach to those strengths. Our team, deeply experienced in all aspects of education, examined the curriculum and core values of the school and created a tagline that was both descriptive and philosophical for Steward. “Fuel the mind. Stir the imagination. Unleash the possibilities.” This was the beginning of a branding campaign that would convey Steward’s focus on academics, creativity, individuality, preparation for the future, and limitless possibility.


We Guide You

Why did the chicken cross our minds?

The Steward School encourages students to explore their individual passions, and we used some of those unique stories as part of our campaign. One young student, for instance, actually created and bred an entirely new breed of chicken. Through close collaboration with the school, we determined specific students to demonstrate how minds are fueled, imaginations are stirred, and possibilities are unleashed at Steward. To help put a face on the target audience, we worked with a media partner to create a target “persona.” This hypothetical person had a name, a specific age, particular traits, and lifestyle habits. This helped both our creative and media planning become more relatable and relevant. We recommended the redirecting of marketing dollars to more efficiently and more effectively deliver the message.

Steward School ad

We Grow You

So how were our grades?

At every step of the process, The Steward School completely and enthusiastically embraced their new brand. New flags and banners hung throughout the campus that proclaimed the new tagline. The music director of the school wrote a new official school song based on the tagline. The language we created now serves as the platform for admissions speeches and presentations. This rekindling of school spirit and delivery of powerful messaging has had a measurable impact on both retention of current students and on new student admissions. In fact, the year this campaign was implemented was the best year for admissions in the history of the school.

“Our partnership with circle S led to unique messaging that has contributed to increases across the board in retention, new student applications, parent satisfaction, and school spirit.”

Dan Frank Head of School, The Steward School