photo of Justin Lenart

Justin Lenart


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As a Videographer, Justin sees the world through a different lens—capturing unique angles and perspectives to tell every story. He’s had plenty of time to strengthen this muscle as he’s been in the creative field “since birth,” making short films in high school, college and beyond. Time has given him the opportunity to build up this portfolio and simultaneously add to his many collections.

“I love it when the image seen through the lens exceeds every expectation.”

Justin is quite the collector—gathering everything from action figures to awards (he has an Emmy!). Hailing from Queens, NY, he joins our team with over 12 years of experience in the industry. An avid baseball fan, he loves to go see the Washington Nationals play (though his roots are with the New York Yankees), and he has built up an impressive collection of baseball bobbleheads as a nod to his love of the game.

A man of many talents, Justin’s other hobbies include photography, playing ukulele and baking—he’s known for his Crème Brûlée! His wide range of interests and curious spirit are an asset in this field, where he’s continuously discovering new techniques, meeting new people and communicating new stories and messages. There’s never a dull moment in this role, and Justin’s energy and creativity are the perfect match for it.