photo of Katie McElroy

Katie McElroy

Partner, Director of Operations

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Katie is Partner and Director of Operations, and as such, has quite a talent for getting things moving and keeping them moving. In keeping with that theme, Katie also has a passion for dance.

“I love it when I make a real connection.”

Katie graduated from the University of Tennessee and is a proud Volunteer. Clearly, that “volunteer” heritage lives on, as Katie is typically the first one to step in and help however she can. With over a decade in the branding business and a heavy focus on the A/E/C and financial industries, Katie brings a unique perspective to the projects she touches. Her experience at large agencies such as The Martin Agency and The Tombras Group has helped shape her skills and prepare her for anything and everything.

Forever the dancer, Katie is always looking for the next step. She is known for her ability to tackle current challenges with seeming ease, while also keeping an eye on the future. She attacks even the most complicated project or challenge with her usual grace, intelligence, and humor.