photo of Megan Terry Fuller

Megan Terry Fuller

Senior Account Executive

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As Senior Account Executive, Megan believes in doing what’s right, doing what’s smart, and doing what comes naturally for her. Not coincidentally, she also enjoys spending her time naturally: outdoors, in nature itself.

“I love it when a plan comes together.”

For over a decade, Megan has been melding her exceptional business acumen with her strong creative sensibilities to provide account management that is structured, insightful, refined, and thoughtful. She has spent time on both the agency side and the client side, giving her a unique point-of-view as well as a detailed understanding of our clients and their needs. Being very dedicated to her work, Megan is actively involved in both the American Marketing Association and the Richmond Ad Club.

When she’s hiking, Megan isn’t there simply to get to the top of the mountain. She’s there to enjoy every single step. And that’s the way she works, too. It’s clear from her frequent smiles and her optimistic attitude that Megan truly enjoys every step of the process and has a deep love for the work she does. Whether it’s helping our clients achieve powerful results or displaying her quick-witted humor, Megan always impresses.