photo of Tami Berry

Tami Berry

Executive Vice President & Director of Strategy and Research

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As Executive Vice President & Director of Strategy and Research, Tami leads the strategic development of a brand. She begins by immersing herself in that brand, delving in and absorbing as much as she possibly can. It should come as no surprise, of course, that Tami is also a voracious reader.

“I love it when everything clicks into place.”

Tami graduated with an MBA from the University of Richmond and proves daily that she is indeed a master. Her strategic expertise has been built over many years, shaped by her passion as well as her deep experience. Tami spent several years in the corporate marketing world with a special focus on financial services, working at two different Fortune 500 companies. She’s managed brands, provided corporate communications, and even worked as a media buyer. For close to a decade, Tami has served as the strategic mastermind at circle S. Her ability to perform and analyze research is astounding. She’s then able to take even the most complex, complicated information and boil it down to its true essence.

Tami herself is very much like the sections of the bookstores she frequents. In her, you’ll find education, philosophy, science, communications, art, history, humor, and so much more. Her insightful strategic leadership is greatly appreciated by our team and our clients alike.