photo of Zach Stewart

Zach Stewart

Web Developer

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Zach is Web Developer and as such, he is used to looking at things from his own unique perspective. That unique viewpoint also comes into play whenever he’s engaging in his favorite hobby: flying an airplane.

“I love it when everything works the way it should.”

Zach’s experience in the digital realm goes back quite a few years. In that time, he has seen much change in the web and beyond. Being the enthusiastic professional he is, Zach has not only rolled with every change, but has managed to stay ahead of the curve. Zach has done work for such big names as Verizon, Hamilton Beach, and Capital One. Code is Zach’s natural language. He speaks it fluently. He is able to take designs and language, and build them into the solid structure of a website, crafting each line of code as if it were art. Because for Zach, it is.

Whether he’s in the cockpit or at the keyboard, Zach soars to new heights. Our clients benefit from his meticulous, exacting method of web development and we benefit from his great personality and sense of humor. Zach’s deep, technological know-how is matched only by his passion. A brilliant coder and developer, he is always looking for ways to improve and to be even better at his job. As if that’s possible.