Let's Spur Growth.

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circle S studio is a consulting, branding, and digital agency that serves growth-minded companies across the US. We help clients create authentically differentiated brand experiences that attract and engage clients and top talent to propel meaningful growth.

we love it when

Our Expertise Creates Partnerships

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When we look for clients we look for partners. And it’s the same way with our trusted advisors—we look at circle S as an extension of our team.

Mark Hourigan

President, Hourigan Construction

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Areas Of Expertise

we love it when

Our team is a catalyst for your growth

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Different ages, different backgrounds, same goal.


Team Members

Antonia & Brandon & Charlotte & Erin & Jennifer & Katie & Kristen & Rachel & Michelle & Sanya & Sarah & Susan & Tami & Tim & Zach

No prima donnas. No slackers. No jerks. Just smart, talented, hard-working folks who always give their all to help you succeed.

Everyone here knows exactly what it means to own it. Personal pride, smart management of time and budgets, and individual responsibility.

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We regularly recognize the one who kicks the most ass. Hard to do when it’s everyone.

Kick Ass


No matter where we may travel to visit our clients, we always come back home.

Home Sweeet Home: Richmond, Virginia

Our quivers are stocked full of arrows and everyone here is a great archer.

“It’s hard to hit the bullseye if you’ve only got one arrow in the quiver.”