photo of Alicia Hubbard

Alicia Hubbard

Web Developer

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As a Web Developer, Alicia is gifted in looking at the situation, analyzing it, and doing what’s necessary to get there. By no coincidence, she’s also quite a fan of chess.

“I love it when I discover new solutions.”

Alicia graduated from the University of Richmond and was recognized as the top graduate in her program. Her early career experience as a front-end coder has given her the unique perspective that our clients benefit from today. Everyone on the circle S studio team knows they can count on Alicia to bring even the most complex concepts and plans to life as smooth-running, efficient, mobile-friendly websites.

In all she does, Alicia seems to stay several steps ahead. With a passion for digital content and web development, she has an uncanny ability to see into the digital world. Highly proficient in HTML and CSS, she always knows exactly the right moves to make. Alicia masterfully creates code with precision and quality. The code she creates is indicative of the type of person she is. Solid, reliable, insightful, and innovative.