photo of Alie McArdle

Alie McArdle

Digital Content Producer

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Alie brings her out-of-the-box thinking and let’s-do-this attitude to circle S. Her background is valued here, with 9 years experience around the production world and 3 years in marketing, we love her innovative spirit and so do our clients. Alie earned her bachelor’s in Sociology from VCU which manifests in her unique ability to discern clients and their ambitions. She wears many hats here at circle S, but she specializes in writing, video production and social media. Her rare ability to understand the end goal and fill in the blank space between is unparalleled.

Alie loves it when ideas and plans come full circle in their own ways, as she believes nothing is truly linear. When it comes to copywriting, she feels that writing is an equation — the details are variables that get plugged in to create a solution. Out of the office, Alie is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys rock climbing, biking, and camping with her partner.