photo of Susan Quinn

Susan Quinn

President & Chief Executive Officer

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As President & Chief Executive Officer, Susan has the extraordinary ability to assemble exactly the right pieces, to bring structure and process, and to ensure that the perfect product is created every single time. It’s no wonder she enjoys spending her free time pursuing the culinary arts.

“I love it when people see things from a fresh perspective.”

Susan has an impressive 30-year track record of running an agency, building great success not only for our clients, but for circle S as well. She serves on numerous non-profit and corporate boards and has become a trusted ally to C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies and beyond. Her logical, thoughtful approach always brings so much to each and every project she touches. Forever the responsible professional, she never lets the busyness get in the way of the business. Susan exemplifies strong leadership, meeting regularly with everyone on the team and staying in constant contact with our clients, always asking what she can do to make things even better. She stays heavily involved in consulting with clients and in strategic planning, helping to formulate key messages and differentiators. Susan also serves as an executive coach to leaders on a continuous quest for optimal performance in life and business.

When Susan cooks, she insists on the freshest, highest quality ingredients. The same can be said for her standards in the business. She’s assembled a team of the best and brightest who are capable of consistently delivering fresh, smart solutions for our clients.

Susan is a true visionary, making conscious decisions to further the future of the agency. The pride that Susan feels about circle S studio is rivaled only by one thing: her family. When she’s not here with us, Susan is spending time with her loving family, including her beautiful granddaughters Caroline, Ann-Kempter, Lilly and Elizabeth.