Plan & Deliver a Strategic Website Redesign

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Learn how to gain leadership support, plan, and deliver your new website with success.

A strategic website redesign can be an overwhelming (and stressful) initiative for marketers to undertake, especially with a long list of day-to-day responsibilities. How do you begin the planning process? How do you set goals and objectives? How do you avoid frustrations experienced in the past?

View our on-demand webinar where you’ll gain practical and actionable tips for website redesign success, including how to:

  • Determine when/if a redesign is necessary
  • Get buy-in from leadership
  • Set proper redesign goals and objectives
  • Define the critical steps for planning a redesign
  • Establish requirements and a sufficient budget
  • Prioritize your wish list
  • Find the right website redesign partner
  • Avoid common schedule pitfalls
  • Launch with confidence and success

About the Presenter
Tim Asimos is Partner and Director of Digital + Growth at circle S studio, leading the agency’s development of innovative strategies in website development, content marketing and marketing technology. A national speaker and syndicated blogger, Tim’s expertise has been featured in numerous industry publications, webinars, programs and conferences around the country.

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